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Here at Archer Sharp Design we primarily use MA Lighting consoles and hardware, with this in mind we proudly own a selection of MA Lighting Products. Our equipment is for hire subject to its availability 


-- MA 2 Lite c/w Flightcase, 2x Little Lites, Dustcover, 16a - Powercon              £600per week Ex VAT

- MA 2 Command Wing c/w Flightcase, Dustcover, 16a - IEC                       £150per week Ex VAT

- MA 3 Command Wing c/w Flightcase, Dustcover, 16a - IEC                       £180per week Ex VAT

- MA NSP2 c/w Flightcase, 16a - IEC                                                       £120per week Ex VAT

- MA 2 8Port Node c/w Flightcase, 16a - Powercon                                    £150per week Ex VAT

- MA 2 NPU c/w Flightcase, 16a - Powercon                                             £400per week Ex VAT

WYSIWYG Pre Viz Suite                                                                         £500per week Ex VAT


If you are interested in hiring from us or would like to check the availability please get in touch and drop us an email to 

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