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Here at Archer Sharp Design we are users of both WYSIWYG and Vectorworks software packages. All of our lighting plans are produced using VWX, and all of our CAD & pre visualisations are produced using WYSIWYG software.


By using these software packages it allows us to model various entertainment environments and show you, the client, a glimpse of what your show or event will look like. By doing ahead of time and so early on in the pre production process it allows you to have your say sooner and make suggestions and alterations before we arrive on site. We understand that time is money so by using pre visualisation software such as WYSIWYG for your event could save that additional time within a venue for lighting and video production programming etc.

Our WYSIWYG suite can be packaged up and can therefore be made avaiable for hire to other WYSIWYG users. Combined with our MA2 Hardware we have a full portable lighting suite that can be put to use right away designing your next event or show.  

We are currently using WYG to design & pre program all of the lighting for the new production shows soon to be installed on P&O Cruises brand new cruise ship IONA. By doing this shoreside it has allowed the entire creative team to see the lighting vision before getting onboard. This tool has also been really useful so far as we have been able to work even more closely than normal with the creative directors, choreographers & video department ensuring we are all working to the same brief therefore creating an even better show. 


We have also used WYSIWYG in the past to pre visualise Uk tours one of which has been the Stephen Fry - Mythos UK Tour 2019. The tour consisted of 3 different shows so time in rehearsal studio was tighter than normal. By using WYG it allowed us to be ahead of ourselves in rehearsals, we then found ourselves making the finer adjustments and therefore the time was spent finessing our attention to detail. 

Below are two images one shows the CAD design and programming against reality!


The image to the left was produced using 


The image to the right was what the WYSIWYG CAD looked like in reality on stage


If you are interested in using WYSIWYG on your next show or event please do not hesitate to get in contact now by sending us and email now to

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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